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Membership Moments with It's All About Mums

Meet Denise Mays of It's all about Mums in Lucas, Texas. Denise is one of those people that brings light and energy to just about anything she sets her mind to. Her attitude and love for this craft is truly infectious. She started her company about 10 years ago in 2009 however she has been making mums for decades. Denise has been married to her husband Doug for 30 years this year. They have two sons Brandon 27 and Zach 25.

Denise is a full time self-employed accountant. Her day time job entails everything from bookkeeping to the daily activities of a CFO. She loves working in a small business atmosphere, she never pictured herself in a big corporation. In her spare time she likes to go to estate sales and shop for antiques.

If you ask Denise what her design style is she will tell you she is still working on the exact terms but so far she says the words "Distinguished with a little whimsy" or even "Fancifully Distinguished" come to mind. If you take time to look at her fabulous creations you will see how much detail and care she puts into each one of her designs.

Her favorite part of this business is seeing the young girls faces when they come to pick up their orders. Often seeing mom's cry or the emotions involved help her to know she is a part of a very special time in her customers lives.

Denise prides herself in being able to offer something special and unique to each of her customers. She says her most special requests involved a family dealing with the loss of a family member. Often kids want to pay tribute to that family member through themes or photos on a mum.

This busy entrepreneur hopes to turn her small business into something she can pass down in her family. She is also looking to expand her business into other areas of the craft business world.

If you are looking for top quality design and a personal touch, call Denise at It's All About Mums. She will create something beautiful for you and it will be straight from the heart. You can reach Denise or see more of her designs at the link below.

Till next time friends,

Kisha Clark


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