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Join Mums Inc. 

Thank you for inquiring about membership with Mums Inc. Each season we open membership from November 1st - January 1st. This allows us to make sure you get the full spectrum of the benefits we have to offer you. Below are the requirements for membership with our organization. If you have any questions please email us at info

Qualifications for membership:

  • New members must have been in business for at least 2 Homecoming seasons.

  • Must have an established method of selling that can be verified via the web or product photos.

  • Must have a State Tax ID.

  • Annual fees for Mums Inc. are $35.00 per year per business.

What our members say.....

I have learned so much since i joined (just 6 months ago). I have been overwhelmed by everyone's willingness to teach and share information. My work this year is so much more advanced than it was a year ago.

Mums Inc. Member

Mums Inc. has helped improved my business. It has brought more traffic to my site, it has brought more sales, and the group is incomparable. I have never been in a group of such talented people that strive to work together and help each other every step of the way. Most groups are so competitive, and i like that this group is nothing but helpful! I never understood why some people were like that, when we are so much better working together! <3

Mums Inc. Member

My design and confidence as a mum maker has exploded since joining this group!! I love how we have thrown out the competitive nature and truly tackled this together. What other small business openly discusses strategy and refers the competition to a customer when we can't fulfill their order? Best decision I've ever made since I started making mums 12 years ago!

Mums Inc. Member

It has allowed me to grow as a business and establish the goals I need to accomplish. The training last year helped me understand that there are more people out there that get what I am feeling throughout the season. I have made friends that I can talk to and Vent to cuz they understand too.

Mums Inc. Member

Since joining Mums Inc. I see my learning intake has empowered me to know my worth charge my worth, design more things that normally would've been outside my comfort zone. This is my second year in a row where I see a significant increase in profit and sales

Mums Inc. Member

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Membership Benefits

This fee is PER BUSINESS not per individual. 


Annual Membership Fees  - $35.00 per year


1. Each Member will be listed in the Find-A-Mum directory featured on the Mums Inc. website. Text Only. Find-A-Mum took over 7000 hits and hundreds of phone calls for mum vendors last year.
2. Access to vendor discounts only available to Mums Inc. members.
3. Access to the Mums Inc. sharing group on Facebook.
4. Access to post product photos to the community Pinterest Mums Inc. board that has over 1k in followers. 
5. Access to Mums Inc. educational documentation and videos stored in the Facebook group or the Mums Inc. website.
6. Invitation to the Mums Inc. annual luncheons and the ability to attend our Annual BLING 3-day event.
7. Use of the Mums Inc. member logos for print, websites, and social media.

8. Includes Marketing from the Mums Inc. website, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.
9. Premier Listing on the Mums Inc. website with Photos and link to social media or websites,



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