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  • What will I learn from Mums Inc.?
    Mums Inc. offers Business Education, Design Classes and access to Discounts/Group Buys. Our education includes in person classes, virtual classes, access to our video and document library that has a wealth of information.
  • How do I join Mums Inc.?
    Mums Inc. is open for membership starting in November 1st of each year and it closes January 1st of the following year. This is done to make sure our members get access to what we offer fully before each season begins.
  • What is Mums Inc.?
    Mums Inc. is a professional organization for business men and women who are in the Homecoming Mums Industry. We do not make mums to sell to the public.
  • What are the requirements to join Mums Inc.?
    New members must have been in business for at least 2 Homecoming seasons. Must have an established method of selling that can be verified or product photos. Must have a State Tax ID. We will be holding some information sessions for Tax ID's. Fees for Mums Inc. will change to $35.00 per year for all members.
  • Are there fees for membership?
    Mums Inc. membership includes: Each Member will be listed in the Find-A-Mum* directory featured on the Mums Inc. website. Access to vendor discounts only available to Mums Inc. members. Access to the Mums Inc. sharing group on Facebook. Access to post product photos to the community Pinterest Mums Inc. board**. Access to Mums Inc. educational documentation and videos stored in the within Facebook group or the Mums Inc. website. Invitations to the Mums Inc. annual Luncheon. Use of the Mums Inc. member logos for print, websites, and social media. Includes Marketing your business from the Mums Inc. website, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Tik Tok social media accounts. Premier Listing on the Mums Inc. website homepage with Photo, Name and Business Name. *Find-A-Mum took over 7000 hits and hundreds of phone calls for mum vendors last year. **This board now has over 1000 followers.
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