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Homecoming Mum History.

Homecoming Mums have been a part of Texas history for over 60 years. Dated back to the early 1900s, it has become a part of who we are as Texans. Mizzou is often credited with the first Homecoming event, asking alumni to come back and support the university. They promoted this by throwing a few social gatherings and organizing a parade.


Not many people realize that this football tradition is now a multi-million dollar industry. With Texas having its own private niche in Homecoming Mums. These floral expressions have made their home in Texas and some parts of Oklahoma and New Mexico homecoming is quite a big deal. Leave it to Texas to take things to the next level. As they say, everything is bigger in Texas.  Enter the Homecoming Mum, which started as a real chrysanthemum adorned with a few basic ribbons in honor of alumni.  


Today the homecoming mum has evolved quite a bit. What was once a simple expression of school spirit is now based on fashion design, jewelry, and even wedding design. Homecoming Mums can be anything the wearer wishes. Mums Inc. was founded to keep the tradition of the Homecoming Mum alive. We are made up of over 100 Homecoming Mum Professionals. Setting the standard for the next generation of Homecoming Mums. 

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