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Membership Moments with Mums by Mom

Sally Beggs has the power to make you feel immediately at home. The first time I met her I truly thought I knew her from somewhere she seemed so familiar to me. Then I realized that it was her personality that makes you feel that way. She is everyone's mom and it is ever apparent in her caring nature. It's been 9 years now since she sold her first mum and completely by accident.

She had never considered making mums as a business. She just did this for her three daughters and all of their friends until 2013 when her very first customer offered to pay her to make a mum. That one mum became eight the next year then thirty and in 2015 she joined Mums Inc. and now Mums by Mom is heading into its 9th Homecoming season.


If that isn't enough she also owns Sally Bee's Honey Company and she sells raw and natural honey along with a line of products made from honey and beeswax. Oh and one more thing she also works part-time on a family real estate venture. Needless to say, the entrepreneurial spirit runs deep in her veins.

Sally has been married to her husband Rich for 30 years. They have four kiddos ranging from ages 21 to 26 and they have completed paying off 31 of 32 semesters for all of their children. They are very proud parents and the very last one finishes this upcoming Spring.

If you were to ask Sally how she describes her work she says Classic and Affordable. Her favorite thing about making mums is challenging herself to find new ways to personalize each one of her designs. At this point, her business goals for Mums by Mom relate to her combined love for creativity and her love for her community.

She loves the town of Dripping Springs and adores the connection that mum-making has brought to her life. Allowing her to connect with neighbors and local kids even though her own children are now in their adulthood.

Covid has brought a very unique set of business acumen so to speak. 2020 was a crazy year for mum-making! Covid 19 made Sally take what usually worked for her business and pivot​ to adjust to different times. In general her market typically does not want huge mums but the uncertainties of 2020 meant that many people were nervous to spend money at all on a mum/garter when they didn't know if homecomings were going to happen. To adjust with the times, she offered a Mini Mum that had lots of optional extras but on a smaller scale. The Mini Mums were a huge hit because people were able to keep the tradition of having a mum but the expense was less and therefore there was less risk if homecoming was canceled.

Another big change was how she handled order pickups. It was sad to miss seeing the reactions when people picked up their mum or garter but she was very thankful to have a covered front porch where she could hang the orders for pick up!

Overall Sally has created a busy and bustling business with a craft she loves serving the community she loves. Mums Inc. is proud to have her as a long standing member. Check out her work below or take some time and check out her website at

Till next time folks,

Kisha Clark


Mums Inc.


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