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Membership Moments with Mums by Cassie

Quiet and reserved would be the words I would use to describe Cassie when we first started interacting within the Mums Inc. group. Little did we know that Cassie was spending her time soaking in all that Mums Inc. has to offer. One year later she was in full fledge business mode. From creating interactive videos to perfecting her craft. It has been a joy to watch her blossom as a business owner and a designer.

Cassie actually started a unique sewing business first called Cositas de Cassie. She created pretend food for dolls and for kids to play with. She also added resin products to that line of business. In 2017 she started making mums and then decided to separate her two businesses to make them more focused and dedicated to each customer's separate needs.

She began making mums during a time when she was back in her hometown in 2017, just for fun and for family. That's when the idea came to her that she could make homecoming mums a full-time business. Cassie defines her style as Modern Nostalgic which is spot on with her attention to the tradition of Homecoming but adding her own flair.

Being from a small town the tradition of Homecoming is a bit different. Everyone participates in Homecoming from K-12. She received her first Homecoming Mum in Kindergarten. She and her mom would alter them or add to them every year. Buying new mums to customize along the way as well. Cassie now lives in Corpus Christi, Texas.

Cassie has two kiddos and Ali age 10 and Alex age 7 with her husband Claudio. Her full-time job is running both of her businesses. In her free time, she likes to do embroidery by hand and she says she enjoys practicing the lost art of baton twirling.

Her current business goals are just to continue improving her craft and to increase profitability for her business. She is also exploring the idea of making mums in the off-season for special occasions. If you were to ask Cassie what her favorite thing is about making mums is, she says it's the love of getting to use the creative part of her brain. She says that she always stresses before mum season that all of her mums are going to look the same. However so far each season she always manages to make each one look different and unique. She loves the creative challenge.


Since the pandemic began mum makers have had to revisit how they see their businesses. Some areas were overwhelmed with business and others saw and reduction in sales.

For Cassie, the pandemic meant focusing on her children's learning all while trying to run a business with a handmade product. She had to physically be beside her Kindergartener all day on Zoom. Her son had trouble adjusting to computer learning like many kids his age did.

Both of her businesses slowed way down. Even though South Texas still had homecoming games, she didn’t have a lot of time to create. Only making half the amount of mums that she usually makes in a season. She is looking forward to making a comeback this season in 2022.

Cassie is an amazing designer and businesswoman. Mums Inc. is proud to have her as a member of our organization. Take a moment and check out Mums by Cassie on Facebook to learn more about her and her work.


Till next time folks,

Kisha Clark


Mums Inc.


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