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Membership Moments with Awesome Mums

Once upon a time two mum makers came together to help each other out in a bind and the result is Mums Inc. Brenda Murphy, the owner of Awesome Mums contacted me one day to inquire about letters she needed for an order. She didn't have the time to drive to our very far away vendor in Balch Springs, TX so she called me up. I was happy to oblige and we actually ended up trading supplies as I needed a flower type that she had in stock. We got to conversing and from this I decided that we could not be the only two mum makers who might occasionally need a helping hand. This is how the idea for Mums Inc. came to be.

Brenda started Awesome Mums about 12 years ago after making a mum for her son's girlfriend. After spending about $200.00 in supplies she did a little research to see if this could be a lucrative side business. At this time her daughter Kelsey was 12 years old. She thought this might be a good opportunity to teach her daughter about running a business, working with customers, ordering inventory, and most importantly time management. She talked it over with her daughter and Awesome Mums was born.

Not only does Brenda make awesome mums she is also a nationally known Western Artist. Her works are displayed in Wyoming, Arizona and of course Texas. She received her Bachelors Degree in Fine Arts from the University of Texas at Arlington. She has received many awards for her artistry such as the 2003 Patron’s Purchase Award at the Bosque Classic in Clifton, Texas; the 2005 Patron’s Choice Award at the Western Visions Show at the National Museum of Wildlife in Jackson, Wyoming; and the 2006 Museum Purchase Award at the Desert Caballeros Museum’s Cowgirl Up to name a few. She has also had the pleasure of working with some pretty cool clients as well such as Nolan Ryan. See a few samples of her work below.

When Brenda is not working on her Art or making mums she loves to hunt and paint outdoors. She has been married for 34 years to her husband Tom. They have two children Jeff, 28 and Kelsey, 24 who is also her business partner with Awesome Mums.

If you asked Brenda or Kelsey to describe their design style both use the words elegant and conservative to describe their work.

Fast forward to the upcoming 2019 season Brenda is seeing a rise in the popularity of her artwork. Going forward Kelsey will be taking over the majority of the mum business that she helped start some 12 years ago. Kelsey who is newly married to her husband Kevin, graduated from the Paul Mitchell school of Design. She is a licensed cosmetologist and works part-time at the Rose Garden Tea room in Arlington. In her spare time Kelsey loves to cook, practice yoga and keeping up with her fur kiddos, a German Shepherd named Kyla Ren, and a Shih-Tzu named Bella Jean.

Bella Jean and Kyla Ren - Awesome Mum mascots

These two ladies have two goals in mind when it comes to their business. Awesome Mums wants to offer customers a better product for the money and earn enough profit to travel. Like most mum makers their favorite part of this business includes seeing the shining faces of their customers when they pick up their mums. Seeing happy customers makes every minute of work worth it.

If you are looking for creative design and a custom mum to fit any budget contact them today. You will not be disappointed. Awesome Mums is a founding member of Mums Inc. and we are thrilled to see them continue to grow and design awesome mums for masses. They are located in Arlington, Texas but you can contact them via their website @ or follow them on Facebook @

Till next time friends,

Kisha Clark


Mums Inc.

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