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Membership Moments with Classymums

Meet Donna Bardin of Classymums located in Rowlett Texas. Classymums has been offering supreme service to the Rowlett and Mesquite areas for the past 20 years. Her husband Dennis is her right hand and helps out in any way he can. Donna started making mums for her daughter Leslie some 21 years ago. Now she is making mums for her grandkids.

Donna has many hobbies including gardening but one of her most favorite is her 30 year collection of Coca Cola memorabilia. She has even been fortunate enough to be featured in a couple of TV's shows in regards to her and her husband's collection.

When you ask Donna what her favorite thing about mum making she simply states well of course it is the kids. She loves watching them evolve over the years as they and their mums grow.

Every season Donna converts her game room into mum central. From August 1st to November 1st this is the space she uses to make her classy magic. She spends all year in preparation but her operation starts once the room is in full swing.

The best way to describe her work is classy and affordable. Her goals are to provide a quality product with great attention to detail.

She starts every order the moment the order is placed. She always prepares for the upcoming season but her orders are made to the customers specific requests.

After all these years of making mums Donna says the most off request has been to do 2 things add swim goggles to a mum. The next one is definitely interesting but it was to add Tampax products to an order. Well of course there was a story behind that one. If you get the privilege of ordering from Class Mums be sure and ask her to tell you all about. We are proud to have Donna as a Mums Inc. member and we love watching her work and grow. Check her out at

Till next time mum folks,

Kisha Clark

Founder - Mums Inc.

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