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Membership Moments with Queen of Mums

Very rarely do two fabulous people come together to do great things. However with Deb and Tina, that's exactly what happened. Tina Sponsler with Queen of Mums has been making mums professionally for 3 years. Last year she took on a partner in Deb Hester. These two ladies are taking the North DFW area by storm with their traditional style with an added touch of bling. The goals they have for this business lie in creating a reputation for excellence in craftsmanship, design and creativity. They have combined their skills to create something special for the mum world to see.

Deb has three kids, Nicole 17, Mitchell 14, Caitlin 9 with her husband Matt. Tina has 2 kiddos, Jay-19, Andrew-11 with her husband John. They are located in the Frisco area and service all surrounding areas as well. They also offer online ordering on their website.

Tina is a busy bee running two other businesses with Plexus health and wellness products and her very own hair bow line with Two Nieces Hair Bows. Dare I mention that she is also a nurse. Tina says one of the biggest joys about making mums is that she is a boy mom, working with mums gives her a girly creative outlet. Tina's hobbies include reading and scrap-booking. On the other side Deb's favorite part of mum making is braiding. Her hobbies include Volleyball, watching her Green Bay Packers, Gardening, and scrap-booking in her free time. Deb is all mums all the time.

Many people don't know how much heart, soul and dedication it takes from September -November to make each season a success. These two ladies are definitely paving their way to success working together as a team. Having a partner at your side allows you to split duties and rely on another human to get things done. These two ladies are truly friends till the end. This is a creative business, finding someone who speaks your mum language is not always as easy as it may seem. However you can see from the work of these two that they speak the language well together. Check them out at

Queen of Mums is a valued member of Mums Inc. and we enjoy watching them grow each season. They are certainly inspiring with their driven spirit and attention to detail. We wish them the best of Homecoming seasons for 2018.

Till next time mum folks,


Founder - Mums Inc.

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