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You must fail to succeed!!

So last night I was reading various blogs about business and I ran across an article on..... "insert drum roll here", FAILURE. The article I read spoke about how to overcome it and how to grow from it. This is something no one ever really talks about. I can tell you after 15 years of business, FAILURE has been the best thing that ever happened to me. Here is the thing, once you survive a few of this impending doom episodes, the sweetest thing happens. You start to solve problems. Those face plants turn into solutions that shape and mold the future of your business. Overcoming these obstacles makes you confident that you can face anything.

So the message is to expect failure, embrace it, and most importantly LEARN from it. No successful business on the planet did it all right the first time. Spend time taking each failure and making it a measure of success. I and any other business owner will tell you that in order to be truly successful a fall or two is a MUST. In the end you will reap knowledge and growth from that very ugly word. So with the above said, I wish you many failures as I know where they will truly lead you.


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