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Membership Moments w/Gameday Mums

When I met Jessica for the first time she displayed an immediate total commitment to building a sustainable business. I was truly overtaken by her drive and her passion to not only succeed but make a quality product she could be proud of. I have to say classic style and poise are the very first things you notice about Jessica. Her design style and image are nothing short of the haute couture brand that she is working so diligently to build.

Jessica is married to her husband Jon they have four kiddos, Jonathan 27, Jackson 21, Jayden, 19 and Jarret, 17 but don't forget about the fur babies her Great Danes, Mox and Mila. In her spare time she loves decorating and gardening.

Gameday Mums is Jessica's full time job. She began making mums out of necessity for one of her sons about 13 years ago in 2007. Over time she started to develop a style that she wanted to continue to expand. Every mum maker has a different inspiration story or creative words to describe how they fit into the Homecoming Mum business. If you speak to Jessica about her favorite parts of the business she will tell you two things. She enjoys building client relationships but what she loves most in translating her customers personalities into their dream mum design.

Her goal is to create a a solid brand that evokes a new expectations on an old tradition

and we are quoting her on that. This mindset works great for where the current homecoming mum industry is heading. The modern design of today's Homecoming mum is dramatically different than yesterday. Gameday Mums is at the forefront of that movement. Mums Inc. is proud to have Jessica as a member of our community. She is an amazing talent and a focused business owner who will be around for a very very long time. Check out Jessica's work at

Examples of Jessica's Work:

Till Next Time Folks,

Kisha Clark


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