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Membership Moments w/Claudia's Creations

Creating beautiful things seems to come naturally to Claudia Torres. I met Claudia virtually a few years ago when she was starting her business and looking into joining Mums Inc. I would later meet her in person at her first Mums Inc. event. She is one of the sweetest and most genuine humans you will ever come across. At the start of her small business journey, Claudia began making wreaths. After about 5 years she added Homecoming Mums to her list of services she offers. This started with making mums mums for her son and his friends while they all played football for the local high school. After her son graduated her daughter simply told her, Mom make mums and sell them and the rest is history. She has been married for 29 years to her husband Thomas. She has two children Bianca, 29 and Thomas III, 20. She also has one grandson Elijah who is 6 years old.

In the daylight and out from under all the glitter Claudia is a full-time office manager for a manufacturer in the ice industry. She has been with the company for over 31 years. If you ask Claudia to describe her work in words she would use the words remarkable and beautiful. This is what she strives for with every design she makes. Attention to detail is one of the traits that makes her the sought after designer she is today. As with many mum makers the thing she loves the most about her craft is Pick-up Day. The smiles on their faces make every sleepless night, every glue burn and every moment of stress worth it.

At this point in her business journey her goals are to keep getting better at her craft. By default this will create a stronger business and give her longevity within the industry. Claudia is extremely talented and we are very proud to have her as a member of Mums Inc. We are more than sure her talent and her business will continue to grow with rapid rates of success. Check out her work at

A few examples of Claudia's Creations:

Till next time,

Kisha Clark


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