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Membership Moments w/Homecoming Mums by Erica

I am not sure how often you get to meet people who are just a natural ray of sunshine. Recently I realized that it may seem like I am biased when I write about my members but honestly it is probably true. They are some pretty bad ass business women and fantastic designers, excuse my french. There is no other way to say it. I met Erica probably 7 years ago now when she joined Mums Inc. Shortly after that I had the opportunity to meet her in person at an annual mum show we were both attending. She kinda stands out in a room like a big splash of joy and glitter all around her and ALWAYS smiling. Erica has been making mums for over 13 years but as shes states she became serious about her business after joining Mums inc. all those years ago. At that point Homecoming Mums by Erica became more than a fun hobby it became a full time dream. Fast forward to now, Erica is one of the most sought after designers in our industry.

Erica has a 16 year old daughter named Camryn and a son named Jayden who is 10. Her and her husband Robert have been together for 7 years, they grew up together and were long time friends before dating. Her daughter Camryn plays competitive soccer, so Erica is always on the run. Taking a bag of ribbon on the road is a part of regular life for her preparation plans each season.

If you were to ask Erica about her style, she uses the words modern traditional and custom. As you will see from Erica's designs she has put a new face on graphic design as it pertains to mums. Always taking it to the next level she is known for her graphic design abilities and she is sought after for this reason. Her skills and creativity in this area have changed the Homecoming Mum industry for the better.

In her day job Erica is a Health Informatics computer consultant for a major healthcare company in Central Texas. In her spare time she enjoys spending time with family and she has recently become a Color Street Stylist. Erica started her journey to Homecoming mums after working for a local high school. She wanted to make some mums for some kids who could not afford to buy mums on their own from more expensive local floral shops. She originally had no intention of going into business but the rest is history. Now her ultimate business goal is to continue creating beautiful things and to add additional income to her family. Erica's work speaks for itself with high levels of detail and the level of professionalism is not something you see just anywhere. She devotes hours of time into perfecting her craft and she is always looking for ways to innovate her design keeping us all relevant to this generation of modern Homecoming Mum design.

For the past 2.5 years Erica has been an active Board member for Mums Inc. organization. Sharing her love for the craft by teaching and mentoring others in this loved Texas craft. Mums Inc. is so very proud of who she is and what she has done for this industry. It is our honor that she is apart of our organization. See her work at

Till next time folks,

Kisha Clark


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