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Membership Moments with Peachy Keen Homecoming Mums

Like many other mum makers Summer Hegedus and her sister Ashley Buentello started out making mums for family and friends. Now 5 years later they are a full fledged homecoming mum operations catering to Spring, Texas and surrounding areas. Peachy Keen is also a full fledged family affair as the ladies are assisted by their mother Diana who helps them bring it all together each season.

Peachy Keen, Mums Garters and more.

Summer has been married to her husband RJ have been married for over 11 years. He's a graduate of Texas A&M and she is graduate of the University of Texas at Austin, so college football is HUGE their house. They have three kids: Olivia is 9, Mikey is 7, and Millie is 3. They also have an 12-year-old fur-baby Bulldog named Bella. Summer's hobbies include reading, playing video games with her kids, and watching football.

Ashley has been married to her husband Chris for almost 10 years, and they have a 6 year old son named Oscar, a fur-baby named Annie, and a fish named Becca. Ashley hobbies include cooking and spending time with her son at the ballpark.

These super talented sisters both have experience in the medical field. Before Summer decided to stay home to raise her third baby she was a physical therapist. Ashley is the Lead dental assistant at a dental practice in Houston.

When they were both in high school they made garters for their dates. This was their first taste of mum making and we could say the rest is history. Both ladies also spent time working in a floral shop before they decided to venture into business. From there Peachy Keen came to life.

Braids and Bears are the words used to describe the focus of their design, a direct quote from Summer herself. Almost every one of their orders has a custom bear and a myriad of braids. If you were to ask any of these ladies what their favorite thing about making mums? They would say its a bit of a tie between creating and building the design and the response they get when their customers pick up their orders.

The ladies of Peachy Keen want to make mums for a very long time. Hopefully one day expanding in the a full fledged brick and mortar store. Peachy Keen is one of the early members of Mums Inc and we are very proud of their growth and all they have accomplished as designers and as a business owners. Check out their website at

Till next time friends,

Kisha Clark


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