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Membership Moments with Rhonda's Creative Corner

Meet Rhonda Nickerson, a lovely young lady I first met in a wreath group on Facebook that taught and discussed the wreath business. Already a huge talent in the wreath world, she decided she wanted to add mums to her business portfolio shortly after. Rhonda began her business looking for a hobby during a time when she needed to keep her mind off things. She was battling thyroid cancer and she really wanted to clear her mind and stay busy. This is where her journey with wreathing began.

Little did she know this would change her life for the long haul. Rhonda has 4 beautiful children Deyzya 20, Alonna 12, Caliel 5, Ayriana- 8 (In heaven). She is married to her very supportive and involved husband Clinton Nickerson. They have been married for 4 years now.

When Rhonda is not crafting she works full time as an Ultrasound Technician, something she has done for over 18 years now. In her free time she likes to write and teach others the fabulous craft of wreathing. You can catch her on her Facebook page going live to share her wreathing skills with the masses.

Rhonda also formed her own Non Profit organization after the loss of her daughter Ayriana to Trisomy 18. Her foundation is called the Arms of an Angel Trisomy 18 Association. Her organization provides memory boxes which comfort grieving mothers when they have lost a child. She has written a book that she also includes in these boxes that help those mothers come to terms with their loss.

As you can see Rhonda is always busy either crafting or giving back. If you ask her for two words to describe her mum design, she answers with "Blingy" and "Fabulous". I would have to agree when you take a moment to view her work down below. Her most favorite thing about making mums is the process of delivering her work. She loves to see the happy faces of kids and parents when she delivers their orders.

Her ultimate goal in this business is simple, she wants to continue to grow and perfect her craft. She believes that you must continue to learn always and keep working to get better and grow your business. Mums Inc. is not only thrilled to have Rhonda as a member but thrilled to have her as a philanthropy officer on our Board of Directors.

If you are in the wreath business and you want to learn from the best check out Rhonda's Creative Circle. This is Rhonda's exclusive group where she shares her tips and techniques about becoming better as a wreath professional. You can view this from her website at Check our Rhonda's Creative Corner for a mum or a wreath experience that you will never forget.

Till Next Time Folks,

Kisha Clark

Founder - Mums Inc.

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