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Membership Moments with Her Daughters Mum

Meet Teri Lynn McAllister Bjornlie she has been making mums for about 10 years now and

Her Daughters Mum Founder

it all started with making "her daughter's mum". Back in 2008 Teri began working with her "Bonus Mom" a name she gives a near and dear family member to create her daughter's high school homecoming mums. It began with her sophomore year. Over the years their skills grew and they found themselves going all out for her senior year with a big quad loaded with the works. They worked on their creations at her Dad's house and he would often step in and say, "What are you working on?". Her bonus mom would respond and say "Her Daughters Mum" . Teri could never get that saying out of her head so when she started making mums for other people she decided that this was the perfect name for her business.

Teri has been married for over 27 years to her husband Scott. They have 2 beautiful children Kelci is 25 and she is a Kinesiology of Dance major at Texas A&M. Her son Caelan AKA “Bear” is 15 and he is a sophomore at Trinity High School. Teri herself is a Full time Respiratory therapist in a neonatal intensive care unit at a children’s hospital.

Creativity rules in her household as she is also co-owner of a photography business with her husband by the name of Scott Bjornlie Photography.

You can tell from each of Teri's designs that she puts her true heart and soul into her work. Just look at the details of the dress on this bear on one of her senior designs. Her favorite thing about making mums she says, it's the one thing about her that is not practical'. It also allows her a creative outlet far from what she does day to day as a Respiratory therapist. Her favorite pastimes besides mums and glitter are scrapbooking and genealogy.

Teri defines her style as classic. Over the years we have known her in Mums Inc. she has always focused on growing her craft and creating a business that she could be proud of. Her designs are full of unique touches and creatively dressed bears. She is a true role model to younger members. Take some time and get to know one of our favorite Tarrant county designers. We have grabbed a few samples of her work but check her out at for more information.

Till next time mum folks,

Kisha Clark

Founder - Mums Inc.

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