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So you want to run a Homecoming Mum Business....

The craft of making a homecoming mum is really exciting. Much like "So you think you can Dance" the show. It is alot harder than it looks. For those of us who like to make things pretty and and happen to be distracted by shiny things it can be challenging as a business. There is a lot to accomplish in a short period of time. However with focus and dedication it can be one of the most rewarding businesses. As a Homecoming Professional you can have a few things to consider. You need to determine how you want to run your business. Website? At Home? Store Front?

It can be a complicated decision choosing your marketplace. There are so many things to take into consideration. Cost? Location? Marketing? The world’s current most popular market today is currently the internet. Having a website today is not a second thought when planning out the start or growth of your business. Many options exist for creating a budget friendly website all on your own. For those that are not so inclined there is no shortage web designers readily available. Just be sure and do your homework when working with professionals. Get references and speak to past customers.

There is also a great middle ground with options like Etsy, E-bay and Facebook. These are options for those who don’t feel web savvy but still want to have a presence on the internet. Consider these very good options for visibility and decent trending in search engines. Etsy is very good at keeping their customers listed fairly in Google. Facebook has also become a pretty popular place to sell items or create a selling group. Consider the following:

1. Choosing a designer with good references? 2. Do I feel confidence enough to run my own e-store? 3. Cost?

If you choose to sell out of your home, which is the most common choice at first. There are a few things you need to think about too. Having a home based business can be challenging when you think about customers being in and out of your living space on a consistent basis. Make sure you have the space to separate living and business. A space where at least your customers are able to come in and place an order comfortably without interruption. Keep things organized and neat when your customers are in the home. Consider the following:

1. Available space? 2. Loss of Privacy? 3. Separating life and business.

Lastly, we have the traditional brick and mortar store front option. In the Homecoming business this is almost always a growth move. Once you have been in the business and established a customer base, a move to a store front can be very lucrative. This all depends on your goals for business growth. Homecoming is a seasonal business, so a store front can present its challenges including costly overhead. At this level planning goes without questions. If you are considering moving into a store front. You should definitely reach out to members in our group who have experienced this and seek guidance from the local SBA. Consider the following:

1. Cost? (Inventory, Marketing, Misc. Overhead) 2. Location? 3. Risky and Seasonal?

This is the first of many articles in a new series about a business I love so dear, Homecoming Mums and the business of them. Please check back each week for updates on how to become a Homecoming Mum Professional.

Till next time friends,

Kisha Crooks


Mums Inc.

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