Who is Mums Inc.?

Mums Inc. was founded on the principles of sharing and professional growth within the Homecoming Mum industry. We believe in a supreme standard of design, quality, and beauty within our craft. Our primary goal is to bring respect and dignity to the mum profession. Our hope is to bring the mum industry into the 21st century by setting the new standard for mum makers all across Texas.

We stand together as we are focused on the community over competition. The stronger we are together, the more growth and beauty we hope to bring to our craft,



Mums Inc. has been such a blessing. Looking back at my first mum reminds me how much i have learned from Mums Inc. I don't know where else you can share tips and tricks among the greatest in the Mum industry. The women are amazing. It's more than just a Mum group. It's a place where women share their successes, their frustrations, prayers and lift each other up in personal times of need.

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Mum Business.


Homecoming Mums are a long standing tradion in Texas and some surrounding states. Professional crafters all over Texas, Oklahoma and New Mexico spend 3 or more months each year creating special moments for high school kids everywhere.


Mums Inc. is about fostering that tradition. Uniting our professionals to keep this tradition alive. We also stand aligned to make this industry stronger by building bonds ensure growth in our industry and respect for our craft. 





The members of Mums Inc. have made it possible to create lifelong friendships and business relationships that are priceless. We offer a support system that allows you to grow as a business and as a creative professional. 


No one understands mum season like another mum maker. How many times you have lost your stapler? How about the fact that you have no feeling left in your fingers thanks to the glue gun? All of this is only understood only by others going through it. Through this organization friendships and bonds have been built that will last a lifetime. We welcome you to join our craft and build not only your business but friendships that will last the test of time.


We truly believe that together we make each other better.




The Mums Inc. Blog

The Themed Mum - Tips for Survival

August 15, 2019

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the latest trends.


Mums Inc. is made up of the states foremost mum makers. Our members are up to date on the latest trends and designs available for our craft. We work together to create a community that allows our industry to grow and gain notoriety.


The Homecoming mum is made up of more than just acetate ribbon and flowers today. Homecoming mums now include everything from the basic cheer theme to hunting, FFA and even space exploration.


YOUR Business.

Running a Homecoming Mum business is like nothing else you could imagine. It is hectic and fast paced, it takes creativity, it takes passion and a great deal of focus. We have come together as professionals to share our strengths to help us grow as a profession.


Mums Inc. is about being better together. Creating a community that fosters growth and success in our very unique industry. Please contact us for more information about becoming a member. Shoot us an email to info@mums-inc.com for more information. 




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Mums Inc. members listed in the Find-A-Mum directory are some of the best mum makers in the world. Our members pride themselves on excellence in design and a focus on customer service.



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