Membership fees are per year and include:


1. Each Member will be listed in the Find-A-Mum directory featured on the Mums Inc. website. Text Only.
2. Access to exclusive purchases sponsored by the Mums Inc. organization.
3. Access to vendor discounts only available to Mums Inc. members.
4. Access to the Mums Inc. sharing group on Facebook.
5. Access to post product photos to the community Pinterest Mums Inc. board.
6. Access to Mums Inc. educational documentation and videos stored in the Facebook group.
7. Invitation to the Mums Inc. annual luncheon.
8. Use of the Mums Inc. member logos for print, websites and social media.
10. 2 Free buy-in fees and reduced rates for additional buy-ins.
11. Discounts on Educational Classes
12. Premier Listing on the Mums Inc. website with Photo

Plus much much more, we are always adding value to our members.

Premium Membership

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