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Every year, we have discussions on Mums, Inc about negotiators. It can be bothersome to deal with people who want to negotiate the price you charge for your work. In some cultures, haggling is considered good manners. Unless you are selling mums at a flea market or you...

A couple years ago, when Facebook marketplace was introduced, I hopped right in and posted some mums for sale. I got a couple bites with, “How much?” I typically sent them to my website, which was not what they were asking for. They simply wanted the bottom line, how m...

We have already discussed the ways in which the internet has changed how we sell homecoming mums. People rarely come into the florist shop and pick out the elements of their homecoming mum. They look on Pinterest and they send you a message, “Can you make this for me?”...

I’m totally kidding, they aren’t crazy or sexy but you need policies for your mum business. Having a solid set of sales terms/policies for your mum business will protect both you and your customer. They help move the process along more smoothly and (hopefully) more ple...

Having evaluated the last season, let’s look forward to the next season and talk about setting goals.

Drawing on my experience as a homeschooler, I can reveal that multiple times a year, I had to ask myself WHY I was doing this insane thing. During the rush of mum seaso...

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The Themed Mum - Tips for Survival

August 15, 2019

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